Isaac Newton

English: Isaac Newton Dansk: Sir Isaac Newton ...
English: Isaac Newton

Physicist, Mathematician 

Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician, one of the most influential scientists ever. No kidding. NO kidding! Born in 1642, Newton was not in times of science. Starting young in the mathematics, Newton’s first gig began with Optics. Newton was interested especially in light and its refraction and also understanding light from a macro and micro standpoint.

Theorizing for sometime, lecturing, his knowledge started to grow as he began to understand the classical mechanics behind matter with mass. Though he did not know of quantum mechanics, Newton was correct about light being made up of small particles; what he call “corpuscles” but did not fully understand light at the quantum scale (obviously).

Newton's law of universal gravitation for two ...
Newton’s law of universal gravitation for two bodies. This law governs gravitational forces in the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to Feynman and his work in Quantum Electrodynamics, now what physicists call photons can now be better understood. (Read Feynman’s Short Bio) Being the key figure in the scientific revolution, at the age of 45 (some hope for you older people?) Isaac published three books in a volume titled “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” in 1687. Introducing the foundation for classical mechanics, Newton described in elegant detail the physical laws describing the motion of celestial bodies.

It states the three universal laws of motion, law of universal gravitation and the derivation of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. With his invention of calculus, (some say Leibniz is the inventor, see sources) his mathematics have assisted in the scientific revolution I mentioned earlier.

Later in his life, at the time as many should, Newton was incredibly religious and spending some time with literal interpretations of the Bible, he disputed the Trinity with John Locke and number of other interesting events concerning religion.


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