Short bios of interesting scientists and some art showcasing.

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  1. I like the concept of your blog. It would be interesting to include personal trivia, what made these major players of the science realm ordinary people? I also enjoy that aspect when reading biographies.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your site is very informative. Kudos to you for having a great blog 🙂

  3. Yet another example of the wonderful connections we can make in this virtual world. My way of saying ‘thank you’ for your recent subscription to follow Learning from Dogs.

  4. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Yours is pretty sweet, like the “favourite quote” sections you have in most of your biographies 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for liking/following my blog! That makes me so happy. And I’m totally digging your blog too–you’ve got a new follower in me! Love the background too.

    Allie / callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  6. Thank you for coming to my blog and enjoying my post… I’ll enjoy popping in and out of your blog…
    Why not tell us more about yourself… and your journey in all of life…. Barbara

  7. I don’t know if you take requests… but if you do…
    I would like to recommend a bio of astrophysicist Thomas Gold.

    Perhaps you are familiar with this famous story. I’m a bit foggy on the details.

    Penzias and Wilson were two Bell Lab scientists who had a problem they could not figure out. They were testing a large new microwave receiver in Holmdel, NJ. They made a fortuitous decision. They decided to calibrate it by pointing it into deep space where they knew there were no microwave sources.

    Unfortunately, the amount of noise they got was higher than expected. Puzzled, they speculated several causes. My favorite is they thought it might be from what they called “a white dielectric substance” (Pigeon droppings). They cleaned out all the droppings left by the unwanted fowl but the noise persisted.

    They went to conferences explaining their project and asked attending scientists and engineers if they had any idea why their noise exceeded theoretical limits. Nobody knew.

    Then, at a conference 30 miles away at Princeton, once again they asked for help. Thomas Gold was in the audience. Excited, Gold instantly knew it was the cosmic background radiation left over from the big bang creation of the universe. He had been tinkering with his own microwave detector to look for it himself.

    They published a joint paper where Thomas Gold explained the theoretical basis of the discovery which Penzias and Wilson were totally clueless about.

    Penzias and Wilson won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery in 1978. Thomas Gold got nothing.

    Gold started out on the wrong side supporting the Steady State Theory. But he abandoned it and played the key roll in discovering the most fundamental data point that proved the Big Bang.

    That deserves recognition!

    (Aside: George Gomow first predicted the microwave BG around 1954, I think)

  8. Great resource, indeed. Thanks for leading me back here. I’ll make my way through the pages and see what I can learn. Peace on Earth, Ik

  9. Hi man, thanks for the follow. Please contact me if you want a non-perspective on scientific matters. Would be glad to help. Unfortunately true coherent logic starts where linguistic transmittable logic ends, thats the paradox and the flaw of man and of science. The evidence we are currently searching for is always (in the now) out of reach. We might as well spend some time thinking about the absence of purpose. Because its a fact. And a functional premiss.

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